The competitive categories for Partial Beards-

  • Natural Goatee - Facial Hair grown only on chin, upper and lower lip. Beard and moustache may be styled but without aids. Must be clean shaven section at least 4 cm wide (the width of a razor blade) between the onset of the head hair and the beard. Aids are not allowed. Moustache not required.
  • Fu Manchu - Chin shaved with moustache allowed to start to grow up to a maximum of 2 cm beyond and below the end of the upper lip. Tips long and pulled down. Aids are allowed.
  • Musketeer - Moustache long and slender. Hairs are allowed to start growing from up to maximum of 1.5 cm beyond the end of the upper lip. Beard small and pointed. Aids are allowed.
  • Imperial - Hair to be grown only on cheeks and upper lip. Moustache integrated. The ends must point upwards and not be curled over. Aids are allowed.
  • Sideburns Natural - All beards with no chins. Aids are not allowed.
  • Sideburns Freestyle - All sideburns with shaved chin. Facial hair is connected to hairline. Aids are allowed.
  • Cheekbeard (Backenbart) Freestyle - All cheekbeards, facial hair is NOT connected to hairline. Aids are allowed.
  • Alaskan Whaler - All beards with no moustache